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What is the Best Treatment for Cancer?

The best treatment for cancer depends on the nature of your disease. Cochise Oncology offers a range of therapies for cancer patients, including chemotherapy, immunotherapy, infusion services, and radiation treatment. Individually or combined, these treatments can slow the progress of the disease, and sometimes reverse it.

Tucson Cancer

Cancer Overview

Cancer is an extremely complex disease. Thus, the type of treatment you receive depends heavily on the affected tissues and the extent of the spread. In some cases, targeted treatments are best, particularly early-stage cancers. These work by selectively destroying cancerous tissues while leaving healthy cells intact. In other cases where cancer has spread more widely, medical chemotherapies combined with radiation might be the best approach. Cochise Oncology carefully defines your treatment plan after full diagnosis and consultation.

Treatments Available for Cancer

Cochise Oncology offers several types of treatments for cancer. 

Radiation Oncology

Radiation oncology is a branch of cancer medicine that uses electromagnetic radiation to destroy cancer cells. 

We offer three types of radiation treatments: TomoTherapy®, Varian, and Xoft®. 

TomoTherapy® is a highly targeted treatment that first CT-scans patients to identify the size and location of tumors and then uses that information to direct a computer-controlled beam of radiation at the target. 

Varian radiotherapy uses the Varian Trilogy radiotherapy machine. Like TomoTherapy®, it selectively targets specific parts of the body with ionizing radiation, killing cancer cells while leaving surrounding healthy tissues intact. 

Xoft® is a sophisticated therapy that uses a small X-ray source the size of a fingertip to deliver radiation to highly localized and hard-to-reach areas. While oncologists can use the treatment for many parts of the body, Cochise Oncology uses it mainly for skin cancers.


Simply fill out the form on this page to request an appointment and one of our knowledgable team members will reach out to you. Or call our Sierra Vista oncology center to schedule directly at (520) 803-6644.

Medical Oncology

Medical oncology is a branch of cancer treatments that use drugs to kill cancer cells or improve disease recovery. 

At Cochise Oncology, for instance. We offer chemotherapy medications – specific compounds designed to fight and kill cancer cells (or reduce the rate at which they spread). There are currently more than 100 different chemotherapy treatments available. 

Cochise Oncology also offers immunotherapy, a type of cancer treatment that seeks to modify the way the body’s immune system works, encouraging it to identify and destroy tumors more easily. After receiving immunotherapy, a subset of patients’ go into remission, which means that cancer is no longer detectable using standard diagnostics. Others see better control of their cancer. Immunotherapy is a desirable treatment because the side effects tend to be short-lived. 

Skin Cancer Treatments

Lastly, if you have visible lesions on your skin or have been diagnosed with skin cancer, you may want to consider skin cancer treatment. 

Skin screenings are professional visual examinations of your skin that look for the classical signs of skin cancer, such as melanoma. 

Skin biopsies involve removing a small amount of tissue from an area of concern (such as a mole or a birthmark) and sending it off to the lab for analysis to determine whether it is cancerous. Cochise Oncology provides screening results after five to ten days.


*Individual Results May Vary


At Cochise Oncology, we know optimal cancer treatment places the patient first – and our patients experience this every day. Read what our satisfied patients are saying about their experiences at Cochise Oncology.

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