Radixact® offers targeted, effective radiation therapy for fewer side effects and better results. 

What is Radixact® Radiation Therapy?

Radixact® is an advanced form of radiation therapy that targets a wide range of cancers. Radixact® is a form of TomoTherapy®, a system of CT imaging that provides 3D images of the tumor, then targets it more precisely to minimize the effects on healthy tissue. It also works from all directions to treat tumors more effectively from multiple angles. 

Radixact® uses CT imaging daily to guide treatment, and its helical treatment delivery allows it to target even hard-to-reach or recurrent tumors. This imaging gives your provider a constant picture of your treatment results and adjusts the system accordingly. With Radixact®, you will experience less injury to healthy tissue and fewer side effects. 

What Does Radixact® Treat?

Radixact® works to treat a wide range of cancers, including:

  • Those that have resisted treatment
  • Those that have recurred
  • Those that have been treated with radiation before
  • Malignant and benign tumors
  • Multiple tumors
  • Tumors in challenging locations

Radixact® works so precisely that it can even treat areas like the lungs where your breathing causes motion in the area. Its precision system will track the tumor and focus the energy on it to avoid healthy tissue damage even in these difficult areas. 


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How Does Radixact® Work?

Radiation therapy like Radixact® works by emitting beams of radiation that target cancer cells. Radiation disrupts cellular DNA and damages the affected cells. Since cancer cells grow rapidly, radiation therapy is a highly effective treatment method. However, radiation therapy can also damage the DNA in healthy cells. Radixact® targets tumors so precisely that healthy tissues absorb little to no radiation energy. 

The Radixact® radiation therapy system rotates around you. Its targeted “beamlets” can treat your tumor from all angles. The table also adjusts to keep the tumor in focus at all times, which means that Radixact® will remain locked on the treatment area even if you move. This advanced system also monitors changes in your tumor daily using CT imagery so your provider always knows how to adjust treatment. 

What Will My Radixact® Treatment Be Like?

Before your Radixact® treatment, you will meet with your oncologist, medical team, and anyone involved in your care to develop a treatment plan. Your technician will make you comfortable on the treatment table, then initiate the treatment. You will lay still during treatment but can continue to breathe normally. 

You will not feel the radiation beams as they enter your body. You may hear sounds from the machine, but Radixact® is painless and quick. You can usually return to your usual activities after treatment without limitations. 

What are the Side Effects of Radixact®?

Radixact® reduces many of the common after-effects of radiation therapy by protecting healthy tissue. Common side effects of radiation therapy include fatigue and local skin irritation in the treatment area. Radixact® decreases the occurrence of these problems by leaving healthy tissue as untouched as possible. Radixact® patients usually go about their daily lives during treatment with minimal disruption


*Individual Results May Vary


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