Adaptive Radiation Therapy to Ensure the Best Treatment for You

When you are diagnosed with cancerous tumors, radiotherapy is likely to be one of the best treatment solutions available. Also known as radiation therapy, RT, Rtx, and XRT, radiotherapy may be used as a standalone treatment or in conjunction with chemotherapy in a bid to cure cancer and reduce the threat of it returning. 

Varian Adaptive Radiation, also known as ART, takes radiotherapy treatments to new levels of safety and efficiency due to increased accuracy through every stage of the procedure.

What is Adaptive Radiation? 

Adaptive radiation is a form of radiotherapy that delivers pinpoint targeting to treat cancer cells without causing damage to the surrounding healthy cells. This enables experts at Cochise Oncology to implement more aggressive treatments through the use of a Varian Trilogy radiotherapy machine without harming other parts of the body, which subsequently aims to boost survival rates and provide more comfortable treatments.

What Does Adaptive Radiation Radiotherapy Treat?

Adaptive radiation treatments can be used to treat the same list of cancers as traditional radiotherapy. Depending on the exact type of procedure, it may be used to treat head and neck, thyroid breast, cervix, bladder, prostate, and eye cancers. Meanwhile, it can be used to support immunotherapy, chemotherapy, and surgical procedures to target a list of other cancers.

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How Does Varian Radiotherapy Work? 

Varian Trilogy radiotherapy works on the basic premise of removing cancer cells over the course of several sessions. The targeted treatment’s ability to accommodate stronger doses can potentially enable the process of damaging the DNA of cancer cells to be completed in fewer sessions than traditional radiation therapy.

Adaptive radiation therapy can include internal radiotherapy (inside the body) or external radiotherapy (outside) to deliver high energy ionizing radiation in a more effective manner. Adaptive radiotherapy additionally uses daily assessments and adjustments, allowing Cochise Oncology professionals to provide truly personalized treatment with optimal results in mind. This can kill cancer cells to cure cancer or slow tumor growth

How Should I Prepare for My Treatment? 

Due to the X-ray elements, patients cannot have anything metallic on their person during the adaptive radiation therapy sessions. It is also advised to speak with your consultant or medical team about fertility preservation should you wish to have children/more children in the future.

Cochise Oncology provides excellence in all aspects of cancer and patient care, providing personalized care and hospitality inside the comfortable surroundings of a world-class patient center. When supported by a treatment bag of items that will make your stay less daunting, the best adaptive radiotherapy process is assured.

How Long Will My Treatment Last? 

The AI-driven processes mean that each individual treatment with the Varian Trilogy adaptive radiation machine can be completed in just a few minutes, although Cochise Oncology ‘s team of experts will handle preparations and guide you through what to expect too. While individual body parts can only be subjected to a certain level of radiation in a lifetime, the advanced precision of the innovative technologies delivers the best outcomes.

Session totals and frequencies will depend on a range of factors, including the type of cancer, stage of cancer, and how the body reacts to the treatment. In any case, adaptive radiation therapy boasts personalized attributes to speed up the process.

What are the Side Effects? 

Fatigue and skin problems are perhaps the most common side effects, although hair loss, nausea, vomiting, and other irritations can occur too. In most cases, it is caused by the high energy dosage of radiation hitting healthy cells. The increased precision of adaptive radiation therapy actively reduces the impact of those side effects, thus making the treatment process far more comfortable.


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