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What to Expect at a Hematology Appointment

Having decided to trust Cochise Oncology for your hematology care, you may be wondering what to expect when you come in for your appointment. This article explains what’s involved in your hematology appointment.

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Hematology Overview

Hematology is the area of medicine concerned with the study of blood and blood disorders. It focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of several blood disorders such as anemia, blood clots, and blood cancers.

Blood performs several critical roles in the body. It transports oxygen and nutrients to tissues, removing waste products, regulates body temperature, and more. Blood diseases prevent the blood from carrying out normal functions.

If you need to consult with a hematologist, it’s because you are showing signs of a blood disease. Blood disorders can negatively impact overall health so getting early treatment is essential.


Simply fill out the form on this page to request an appointment and one of our knowledgable team members will reach out to you. Or call our Sierra Vista oncology center to schedule directly at (520) 803-6644.

Preparing for Your Hematology Appointment

Take along a list of questions you would like to ask your hematologist that will help you better understand your blood disorder. Be prepared to answer questions about the symptoms you have been experiencing, medications you are currently taking, and your family history of the disease. 

What to Expect at a Hematology Appointment

When you come to Cochise Oncology for your hematology appointment, you will be seen by our hematologist Dr. Stephen Goldfarb. A hematologist is an expert in diseases of the blood, lymphatic system, and bone marrow.  

If it’s your first visit, we will review your entire medical history, discuss the symptoms you are experiencing, and perform a physical exam.

We will also need to examine your blood to identify any abnormal characteristics. This typically includes a complete blood count (CBC), which is a test that measures the major components of the blood, i. e. red blood cells, white blood cells, and hemoglobin.

A CBC and other investigative blood tests help to determine your specific diagnosis and guide treatment recommendations. 

Hematology Treatment Plan

Treatment for blood disease may involve medications, blood transfusions, immunotherapy, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or a bone marrow transplant. Your treatment plan will depend on the specific characteristics of the blood disorder you have been diagnosed with.

Our hematologist works closely with the other specialists at Cochise Oncology to provide effective diagnosis and the absolute best treatment for patients with blood disorders. You can be confident that we will provide compassionate care, and use the most advanced techniques and therapies to create an effective treatment plan for your unique needs. 


*Individual Results May Vary


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