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How Effective is Chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy is one of the most widely used treatments for cancer, but just how effective is it? 

At Cochise Oncology, we offer expert chemotherapy treatment and provide the support you need to keep your body and mind strong during therapy.

What is Chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy or chemo is a treatment that uses chemical substances to destroy fast-growing cancer cells in your body. Chemotherapy is most often used to treat cancer because it targets cells that multiply and divide quickly. There are different types of chemotherapy drugs available to treat the various types of cancer.

Chemotherapy medications are usually delivered intravenously, a process that can take several hours. Oral chemotherapy in the form of pills or liquids is also available. The option chosen will depend on the type, grade, and stage of the cancer being treated.

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How Effective is Chemotherapy?

The goal of cancer treatment is to destroy the cancer cells and stop the disease from spreading. Cancer cells typically multiply faster than normal cells, and chemotherapy prevents cancer cells from growing and dividing, thereby halting the progression of the disease. 

The effectiveness of chemotherapy treatment varies depending on the type of cancer and how advanced it is. Some patients have cancer that responds well to chemotherapy, so there is no evidence of the disease when their course of treatment is complete. Chemotherapy may also slow cancer growth in other patients, and symptoms will subsequently have to be controlled with additional therapies. 

Chemotherapy can be used before surgery to shrink tumors or after surgery to eliminate persistent cancer cells and reduce the chance of cancer recurring.

Chemotherapy may be the only treatment some patients need, but more often, it’s done in conjunction with surgery or radiation.  

Carrying out follow-up tests after each round of chemo is the best way to evaluate the effectiveness of your chemotherapy treatment. After chemotherapy, patients may experience complete or partial remission, or in some cases, cancer may stabilize.


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Side Effects of Chemotherapy

Although chemo can effectively target cancer cells, the treatment may also damage healthy cells and cause a range of side effects. Hair loss, fatigue, mood swings, infection, loss of appetite, nausea, and vomiting are common side effects of chemotherapy.

Importance of a Chemotherapy Plan

The team at Cochise Oncology will work with you to set up a chemotherapy treatment plan based on the type of cancer, size of the tumor, your age, and overall health. These factors will determine the type and dosage of chemotherapy medications included in treatment and how often they are given. Chemo drugs are used in combination with one another or with other therapies to achieve the best results.

Chemotherapy treatment can:

  • Destroy cancer cells
  • Prevent cancer cells from multiplying
  • Reduce symptoms and improve quality of life

A course of chemotherapy can take several months and is typically done in two to six-week cycles.

At Cochise Oncology, we use the most advanced chemotherapy research in accordance with NCCN guidelines to select the best treatment protocol for you.


*Individual Results May Vary


At Cochise Oncology, we know optimal cancer treatment places the patient first – and our patients experience this every day. Read what our satisfied patients are saying about their experiences at Cochise Oncology.

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