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What is a Bronchoscopy?

Sometimes patients at Cochise Oncology experience problems with their lungs. When this happens, doctors will frequently examine them with a bronchoscope. 

A bronchoscopy (which comes from the word “bronchial” or airway) is a diagnostic technique that involves inserting a thin tube called a bronchoscope through your nose or mouth and down into your airways. 

The purpose of the procedure is to check your lungs and air passages for disorders. The bronchoscope allows doctors at Cochise Oncology to get a clear view of the tissue itself and determine whether you have a disease. Many patients receive bronchoscopies when x-ray technicians detect something unusual.

Bronchoscopy Sierra Vista

How is a Bronchoscopy Administered?

Before the procedure, doctors will administer a numbing agent to your mouth and throat. The purpose of this is to reduce any discomfort you might experience as the tube passes by. You may also receive gels that inhibit your gag reflex, again making the procedure more comfortable.

During the procedure, the doctor will insert a tube via the mouth or nose and then pass it down past the vocal cords into the lungs. Most procedures use a flexible tube that conforms to the shape of their body. However, if there is an object obstructing your airways, the doctor may use a rigid bronchoscope instead. 

At the same time, doctors may administer oxygen, either through a nasal tube or face mask. They will then connect your monitoring equipment to track your heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing.  The procedure can feel a little strange, but it doesn’t hurt. 

Bronchoscopes have a camera and light on the end of them. These provide a video feed that appears on the doctor’s monitor. The doctor uses this output to look for possible signs of disease in real-time. They may also review recordings of their examinations later. 

In some cases, doctors need to take tissue samples by passing a collecting device through the bronchoscope. For instance, if the doctor suspects cancer, they combine bronchoscopy with a biopsy. 


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Why Would You Get a Bronchoscopy?

There are multiple reasons why you might get a bronchoscopy at Cochise Oncology. These include: 

  • If you have a persistent cough
  • If your doctor notices something unusual on a chest x-ray
  • If you suspect you have an infection
  • If they need to collect lung tissue to study in the lab

Bronchoscopies are useful for all sorts of conditions. They can identify blockages in the lungs, provide direct treatment for lung problems, and obtain samples of mucus and tissues for further analysis.  

What Can a Bronchoscopy Diagnose?

Bronchoscopies can diagnose a wide range of conditions. 

At Cochise Oncology, we diagnose patients with bronchial cancer and tumors, narrowed or blocked airways, and interstitial pulmonary disease. We can also diagnose conditions such as vocal cord paralysis and inflammatory diseases, such as pneumonia and tuberculosis. 


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