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What Types of Oncology Exist?

Making decisions about cancer treatment can be challenging because of the various options available. That’s why it’s essential to understand your choices and carefully review them with the help of your cancer specialist or oncologist.


At Cochise Oncology, Sierra Vista, Arizona, our dedicated team of experienced oncologists provides expert cancer treatment and excellent patient care for many types of cancers. 

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Types of Oncology

Oncology is the area of medicine dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of cancer.

There are several specialties within the field of oncology, including medical oncology and radiation oncology.


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Medical Oncology

Medical oncology involves the treatment of cancer using chemotherapy, immunotherapy, hormone therapy, or targeted therapy.

  • Chemotherapy is a treatment that uses powerful drugs to destroy cancer cells in the body. These drugs shrink tumors by preventing cancer cells from growing and dividing.
  • Immunotherapy uses the natural powers of the body’s immune system to fight cancer. This involves stimulating the immune system so that it can work harder to identify and repel cancer cells.
  • Infusion therapy is a treatment approach in which cancer-fighting medications are administered through a catheter or needle.  

Radiation Oncology

Radiation oncology treats cancer cells using high-energy radiation therapy. TomoTherapy®, Varian, and Xoft® are the radiation therapies we use at Cochise Oncology.  

  • TomoTherapy® is an advanced image-guided system that uses 3-D imaging from CT-scanning to deliver radiation with extreme precision. TomoTherapy® is commonly used to treat prostate cancer as well as lung, brain, and head and neck cancers. 
  • Varian is an Adaptive Radiation platform that accurately targets cancer cells with radiation without harming nearby healthy cells. Varian adaptive radiation is regularly used to treat cancer of the eye, head and neck, prostate, and bladder.
  • Xoft® radiation therapy is an innovative treatment that uses electronic brachytherapy (eBx) to treat cancer. eBx employs a miniature x-ray source to deliver radiation directly to the cancer cells, avoiding damage to the surrounding healthy cells and organs. Xoft® is a safe, effective therapy for various types of cancer. However, we use it primarily as a treatment for skin cancer.


At Cochise Oncology, our team of oncologists takes a multidisciplinary approach to cancer care to ensure patients get the safest and most effective treatment. We create a customized care plan to fit the unique needs of each patient and deliver the best possible outcome.


*Individual Results May Vary


At Cochise Oncology, we know optimal cancer treatment places the patient first – and our patients experience this every day. Read what our satisfied patients are saying about their experiences at Cochise Oncology.

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