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What Type of Cancer Causes Low Hemoglobin?

Low hemoglobin, also known as anemia, may be detected in routine blood work or diagnosed because you experience symptoms. While it can have many causes, certain types of cancer can cause your hemoglobin levels to become abnormally low by affecting your body in different ways. 

What is Low Hemoglobin or Anemia? 

Hemoglobin levels are a measure of how many healthy red blood cells you have circulating in your blood, carrying oxygen to your cells. Having not enough red blood cells is called anemia, and it can cause symptoms such as fatigue, dizziness, and shortness of breath. If your anemia is related to cancer or cancer treatment, your Cochise Oncology team will include a hematologist, a medical doctor who specializes in blood disorders, to help manage your treatment. 

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What Type of Cancer Causes Low Hemoglobin?

While many types of cancer can affect your red blood cell count, low hemoglobin is most often related to certain types of cancer. These types of cancer either affect red blood cell production or cause you to lose them through bleeding. 

Blood And Bone Marrow Cancer

Certain types of cancer affect what kinds of cells your bone marrow makes and how well they work. Leukemia and other types of blood cancer can directly affect red blood cell production or can force the bone marrow to spend too much time making cancerous cells. 

Gastrointestinal Cancer

Cancer in your gastrointestinal system can cause bleeding, and you may not notice unless the bleeding becomes significant. At-home colon cancer tests often test for traces of blood too small to be visible. Tumors in the upper or lower gastrointestinal system have different symptoms. 

Kidney Cancer

While kidney tumors can bleed and cause anemia, kidney cancer can often cause low hemoglobin by affecting a hormone that promotes red blood cell formation. By disrupting this important hormone, cancer can cause your red blood cell production to drop. 

Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer and other reproductive system cancers can result in enough bleeding to make you anemic. This bleeding may not always be obvious or may be mistaken for heavy periods. Fibroids, which are non-cancerous uterine tumors, can also cause heavy bleeding. 

How is Low Hemoglobin from Cancer Treated?

Our Cochise Oncology hematology team has extensive experience treating many types of blood disorders, including low hemoglobin. They may address this concern in several ways, usually working in tandem with your oncologists. While the best option is to treat or remove the cancer, anemia can also be treated with a variety of medications and supplements to help you feel better and more energetic.


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