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What Kind of Sleep Disorders Exist?

Sleep is one of the body’s most basic restorative functions, and when it’s disrupted, it can permeate our lives in ways that are difficult to handle. We lose focus, feel poorly, become short-tempered, and generally feel apathetic about our surroundings and loved ones. Our work may suffer, and our relationships can take a hit, too, as we just don’t have the energy to put into them. Cochise Oncology can help with extensive sleep disorder treatments, so you can get back to feeling rested and ready to take on the world.

What Kind of Sleep Disorders Exist?

Here are the 4 most common of the more than 80 sleep disorders.

Insomnia is not only the inability to fall asleep, but it can also manifest in failure to stay asleep. Sometimes, intrusive thoughts keep us relaxing enough to drift off, and sometimes, it’s simply that the drowsiness that precedes sleep never occurs, or we keep waking well before the alarm goes off.

Sleep Apnea is characterized by a blockage of the airway when the muscles of the neck and throat relax. This is called Obstructive Sleep Apnea. When this happens, the body’s involuntary breathing mechanism kicks in, forcing the sufferer to gasp awake, often on a loud or persistent snore. In severe cases, this can happen dozens of times in a single hour, preventing REM sleep, where the body restores itself the most.

Restless Leg Syndrome is when the sufferer feels the overwhelming urge to move their legs due to an uncomfortable sensation. There is relief in the movement, but this keeps the sufferer from sleeping, especially since the symptoms worsen at night. RLS is often described as feelings of crawling, creeping, throbbing, aching, itching, pulling, or a jolt similar to electric shock.

Narcolepsy is nothing to joke about, as it can lead to serious levels of exhaustion. Narcoleptic patients have difficulty regulating sleep patterns. The person will typically fall asleep at the most inopportune times, and it can be dangerous for people who drive or operate heavy machinery.


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What Can I Do to Treat Sleep Disorders?

More than 50 million Americans have asked this after suffering the effects of sleep deprivation. The answer is it depends on the type of disorder you have. Sleep apnea can be managed with a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine that prevents the airway from closing. Stimulants can also help, keeping you alert and awake through the day so you’re able to get sleepy at bedtime. Be mindful of certain types of medications, such as sleeping pills, though, as they can disrupt the natural stages of sleep and leave you more sleep-deprived than without them. Sticking to a routine sleep schedule can also improve your ability to fall asleep for conditions like insomnia and RLS.

How Can Cochise Oncology Help?

The first step in controlling sleep disorders is a comprehensive sleep study to determine what’s happening to you physiologically when you try to sleep. In some cases, you’ll be tested for sleep apnea, or your brain activity can be monitored. Determining your body’s cycle through the stages of sleep can provide information on your regular sleeping patterns to see if and what kind of intervention would improve your sleep.

The Cochise Oncology team is well equipped and experienced in helping patients find a way forward with sleep disorders, so you can finally get a good night’s rest and regain control of your waking hours.

Accumulated sleep deprivation is not only really uncomfortable to live with, it can disrupt your life professionally and personally. You don’t have to suffer through it anymore. Let Cochise Oncology help you reawaken your alertness, focus, and energy.


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