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What is the Difference Between Radiation and Radiation Oncology?

The fight against cancer isn’t an easy one, but new treatments are constantly being developed to increase success and decrease side effects. One of the most common treatments for cancer is radiation therapy or radiotherapy. At Cochise Oncology, we offer cutting-edge radiation therapy options to help patients win their battle against cancer.

What is Radiation Oncology?

Radiation oncology covers a group of cancer treatments that use radioactive energy to kill cancer cells. This is different from medical oncology, which uses chemical and hormone-based treatments for cancer, such as chemotherapy. 

Cochise Oncology’s team includes both medical and radiation oncologists to ensure patients have access to the best treatments for their individual needs. We perform advanced treatments in a luxurious, spa-like environment to make patients as comfortable as possible.

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How is Radiation Used in Cancer Treatments?

Radiation is a form of energy that we encounter every day at low levels. High radiation, however, can be very harmful to the human body because it damages the DNA in cells. By targeting cancer cells with high-intensity energy beams, we can damage their DNA to slow growth or kill the cell completely.

Depending on the intensity and use, radiation can be dangerous or beneficial. Radiation is used for everything from X-rays to microwave ovens to cancer cures. In radiation oncology, this radioactive energy can be delivered externally by a machine or internally by a small implant.

What Treatments Does Radiation Oncology Include?

Radiotherapy is one of the most common treatments for cancer, and there are several options. Cochise Oncology offers radiotherapy treatments with TomoTherapy®, Varian, and Xoft®. These advanced technologies allow your oncologist to precisely deliver the radiation to cancer cells without harming other parts of the body. 


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What Types of Cancer Can Radiation Therapy Treat?

With multiple treatment options that can target different areas of the body, radiation oncology is used to treat almost all types of cancer. Radiotherapy may also be used at different stages of cancer. For some patients, radiation is their primary or only treatment, while for others, it is used before surgery to shrink a tumor or after surgery to prevent further growth.

How is Radiotherapy Different from Chemotherapy?

While radiotherapy uses high-intensity energy to destroy cancer cells, chemotherapy uses chemicals that are harmful to certain types of cells, including cancer cells. Chemo is usually administered orally or through an IV. Some patients may need both radiation therapy and chemotherapy, depending on the type and severity of their cancer.


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