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What is Medical Oncology?

Patients diagnosed with cancer will often come across the term “medical oncology.” However, if you aren’t medically trained, you don’t always know what it means. Therefore, in this article, we explain the basic concept and some of the treatments offered by medical oncologists at Cochise Oncology.

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Medical Oncology: An Overview

The term “medical oncology” relates to the branch of medicine involved in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of cancer. Medical oncologists offer patients a range of services and treatments, ranging from cancer screenings to targeted immunotherapy. 

Usually, medical oncologists work with other physicians to develop a patient’s treatment plan. They will explain their diagnosis and the kind of treatment options available to the patient, plus tools to help them manage their symptoms. 

Applications of Medical Oncology

Medical oncology typically deals with cancers that can be treated with immunotherapy, hormone therapy, chemotherapy or targeted therapy. By contrast, radiation therapy falls under the subcategory of radiation oncology, and surgery to remove tumors falls under the subcategory of surgical oncology. 

Sometimes, oncologists will divide their discipline according to the type of cancer it treats. For instance, pediatric oncology concerns itself with treating cancers in children, while hematology oncology treats blood cancers. These may or may not include applications of medical oncology. 


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Medical Oncology Treatments

Cochise Oncology offers a range of medical oncology treatments: 


Chemotherapy involves the use of chemical agents to combat the growth and spread of cancer. There are more than 100 drugs that fall into this category, many of which specialize in destroying specific types of tumors. Primarily, oncologists use chemotherapy as a way to suppress cancer cell regeneration and stop tumors from growing. It is also highly effective at stopping the spread of cancer and reducing the size of tumors. 


Immunotherapy is a branch of cancer treatment that involves stimulating the body’s immune system to fight against the cancer. Many times, it encourages the growth of more immune cells or adds substances to the body that mimic the natural immune system, clearing cancer cells away. Immunotherapy is a powerful treatment because it activates the body’s own defences to fight disease. 

Infusion Services

Infusion therapy involves delivering cancer-fighting agents into the skin via injections and epidurals. For instance, Cochise Oncology offers patients injectable hormone therapy which prevents hormones from helping cancer cells grow and divide. 


Lastly, hematologists help patients by treating cancers of the blood. They do things such as taking blood counts to monitor your blood characteristics. They may also recommend a bone marrow transplant to assist healthy production of red and white blood cells. 

Benefits of Medical Oncology

The major benefit of medical oncology is the ability to reduce cancer growth rates and prevent tumors from spreading to other parts of the body. Treatments in this category are often non-invasive or minimally-invasive.  


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