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What is Infusion Therapy Used For?

You are probably used to getting supplements and medications in pill form. However, some drugs and nutrients are not absorbed well through the digestive system. Infusion therapy delivers ingredients into your bloodstream so your body can use them. This method can be used to administer many medications and essential nutrients. 

What is Infusion Therapy? 

Infusion therapy uses a small line placed into a vein, usually in your arm or hand. This line delivers your treatment ingredients, often in a sterile saline solution. The fluid infuses into the body over an hour to a few hours. We also offer treatments intramuscularly (by injection). At Cochise Oncology, our infusion center delivers results in a safe, comfortable setting.

What is Infusion Therapy Used For?

Infusion therapy has many purposes. It delivers ingredients more quickly than the digestive system. It is also used for ingredients that cannot pass through the stomach without being broken down. 

Hydration Therapy

Intravenous hydration therapy infuses hydrating fluids and vitamins to address dehydration or nutrient deficiencies. It boosts absorption rates from less than 50% to 90%, so you enjoy faster and more potent benefits. Infusion therapy is the fastest and most absorbable way to treat low nutrient levels. 

Injectable Hormone Therapy

Some cancer types are sensitive to hormones such as estrogen and testosterone. Injectable hormone therapy blocks or otherwise interferes with these hormones to limit cancer growth. It can significantly boost the effectiveness of other treatments for some cancers. 

Iron Infusion 

People with anemia may need an iron infusion due to a lack of iron. This treatment delivers more iron than you could achieve through diet or supplements. It also boosts levels much more quickly for those who need to get iron levels up quickly. 

Monoclonal Antibodies

Lab-created monoclonal antibodies help your immune system fight cancer. They attach to targets found only on cancer cells and help the immune system identify and eliminate them without targeting healthy cells. 

Hematologic Growth Factors

These growth factors help your bone marrow produce more healthy blood cells. Chemotherapy or other factors can affect your ability to make red and white blood cells. Hematologic growth factors help restore your blood cell count. 

IV Antibiotics

Some bacterial infections may need to be treated more quickly and effectively than pills can accomplish. Infusion therapy delivers broad-spectrum antibiotics to treat many bacterial infections immediately.


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Am I a Good Candidate for Infusion Therapy?

Your physician or specialist may refer you for infusion therapy if you can benefit from the above treatments. Our medical director reviews patients to ensure infusion therapy is appropriate. If so, you will meet with your team to develop a schedule.


*Individual Results May Vary


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