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What Can Adaptive Radiation Therapy Treat?

Radiation therapy effectively treats many types of cancer, but it can also damage surrounding tissues. At Cochise Oncology, we offer adaptive radiation therapy that precisely targets cancer and protects healthy cells. The human body and its organs change day by day, but adaptive radiation therapy makes sure it always targets the tumor even if its location shifts. 

What is Adaptive Radiation Therapy?

Traditional radiation targets the area where the tumor appeared during the last scan. Because organs in the body change in size and shape over the course of a day, the tumor may no longer be located at the precise location it was before. Adaptive radiation therapy (ART) uses a combination of targeted radiation and 3D imaging to locate and treat the tumor in real-time. This prevents radiation from affecting healthy tissue and directs all the radiation energy at the tumor itself. 

Adaptive Radiation Therapy Tucson

What Can Adaptive Radiation Therapy Treat?

ART can work for most types of cancer that respond to typical radiation treatments. Types of cancer treated with ART include:

  • Head
  • Neck
  • Thyroid
  • Eye
  • Cervix
  • Prostate
  • Breast
  • Lung
  • Bladder
  • Skin

At Cochise Oncology, we treat these cancers and more with ART for maximum results with minimal injury to the surrounding healthy tissue. Areas like the head and abdomen require precision to avoid damaging vital structures, making ART safer and more effective. 

What Types of Adaptive Radiation Therapy are Available?

We offer three types of adaptive radiation therapy, so your treatment team can choose the best one for you. Each one excels for different locations and types of cancer. 

Xoft® Radiation Therapy

This radiation therapy, powered by a tiny X-ray source, is usually used to treat skin cancers. It provides a minimally-invasive alternative to surgery and requires no recovery time. FlexiShield technology prevents healthy skin from the effects of radiation. 


This form of ART used CT scans taken at the start of each treatment. This defines the tumor’s location, position, and size, allowing your team to calculate the most effective radiation delivery. We often use this type of ART for prostate, lung, brain, and neck tumors. It can also treat some types of metastatic cancer. 

Varian Trilogy Radiotherapy

Targeting the head, neck, thyroid, bladder, breast, prostate, and cervix, this type of ART is so targeted that it can use stronger doses. Since the tumor absorbs almost all the damaging radiation, surrounding tissue remains unharmed even during intensive radiation therapy. 


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Am I a Good Candidate for Adaptive Radiation Therapy?

Anyone who can receive standard radiation therapy can also have ART. The advanced imaging technology makes radiation treatment safer and more effective. As a result, most people need fewer treatments and enjoy better results. Only your Cochise Oncology team can determine whether you make a good candidate for radiation therapy.


*Individual Results May Vary


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