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What are the Symptoms of Anemia?

You might have anemia if you often feel tired, light-headed, or short of breath. Anemia can be a symptom of many other conditions. If you have anemia, your body cannot provide enough oxygen to your cells. Symptoms of anemia may depend on what has caused the condition. A specialist in blood disorders can determine and treat the underlying cause of your anemia. 

What is Anemia? 

If your doctor says you have anemia, they mean that you do not have enough normal red blood cells. Without red blood cells, other cells in your body do not get enough oxygen. Most of the symptoms of anemia result from this lack of oxygen. If you have chronic anemia, you may have developed it over time without noticing the changes. Some conditions can cause anemia to develop quickly. 

You may develop anemia if you do not get enough iron or vitamins such as b12. It can also develop because your bone marrow cannot make enough normal red blood cells or because something is damaging your red blood cells. Some types of anemia are hereditary, including sickle cell anemia and a condition called thalassemia. 

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What are the Symptoms of Anemia?

Lack of oxygen affects all the cells in your body. Early anemia can be subtle, but it will appear on a blood test called a CBC (complete blood count). Depending on the cause of your anemia, specific organs or systems may be affected. Symptoms may include:

  • Fatigue
  • Muscle aches
  • Bone and joint pain
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Headache
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Chests pains
  • Dizziness
  • Cold hands and feet 
  • Slow growth in teens and children

Anemia can be a sign of many underlying conditions. You may need to see a specialist called a hematologist. These doctors specialize in blood disorders. They have the diagnostic tools and experience to diagnose the cause of your anemia and recommend the appropriate treatment. 


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What is Hematology?

Hematology is the study and treatment of disorders that affect the blood, bone marrow, and lymphatic system. Hematologists specialize in treating these disorders. Your doctor may send you to a hematologist if you have anemia, especially if they cannot diagnose the cause. Our hematologist works with the rest of the Cochise Oncology team to treat blood cancers and cancers that affect the bone marrow. 

How is Anemia Treated?

Treatment for anemia depends on the underlying cause. If your anemia has a nutritional cause, dietary improvements or supplements will help. Blood marrow and blood cancers may respond to chemotherapy. Anemia associated with chronic medical conditions may require a team of specialists, including a hematologist. 


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