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What are the Advantages of TomoTherapy®?

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, you may need radiation therapy as part of your treatment plan. Cochise Oncology is proud to offer TomoTherapy®, an innovative method of delivering radiation therapy for cancer.

At Cochise Oncology, our goal is to provide patients with the most effective treatment for their cancer. We use cutting-edge systems like TomoTherapy® to achieve that goal. But since there are a variety of radiation therapy systems available, you may be wondering about the advantages of TomoTherapy®.

Tuscon Tomotherapy

What is TomoTherapy®?

TomoTherapy® is an advanced form of radiation therapy that uses focused radiation beams to treat cancer. It is an integrated system that combines intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), precise patient positioning, and CT scanning.

TomoTherapy® is an effective treatment for various types of cancer but is commonly used to treat prostate cancer, brain tumors, and head and neck tumors.


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What Are the Advantages of TomoTherapy®? 

The primary advantage of TomoTherapy® is its ability to precisely target the cancer cells while sparing the surrounding healthy tissue. The built-in CT system increases the accuracy of the treatment as it provides 3D images of the tumor at each treatment session. This verifies the position of the tumor so that the radiation can be focused directly on the target

TomoTherapy® has a helical delivery system. The device rotates around the patient during treatment and takes 3D images that help identify the position of the tumor in real-time

Unlike conventional radiotherapy that emits large beams of radiation from a few directions, TomoTherapy® delivers hundreds of pencil beams of radiation from all angles. As a result, the radiation focuses on the tumor and is less likely to affect nearby healthy tissue.  

Using the 3-D images, our radiation oncologists can adjust the radiation to match the contours of the tumor to enhance the accuracy and effectiveness of the treatment.  

The delivery capability of the TomoTherapy® system improves clinical outcomes. Since there is less damage to healthy tissue and organs, there are potentially fewer side effects and complications. 

TomoTherapy® is an innovative system that provides the accuracy required to target and attack cancer cells while sparing healthy tissue. It can also effectively treat cancer anywhere in the body.

TomoTherapy® is one of the most advanced forms of radiation therapy. The system helps our radiation oncologists create a unique treatment plan for each patient and provide the best possible care. 


*Individual Results May Vary


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