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How Often Should I Get a Skin Screening?

Regularly scheduled skin cancer screenings can detect melanoma and other forms of skin cancer early. But how often should you get a skin screening? 

What Is a Skin Cancer Screening? 

A skin cancer screening is a simple physical assessment to determine the health of your skin. Your doctor will look closely at all skin blemishes and moles to determine if they have changed or indicate any cancer risk. It is important to have skin screenings often enough to monitor changes or new moles. 

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What Happens During a Skin Cancer Screening? 

Your doctor will examine your skin carefully for any signs of skin cancer following the ABCDE rule. Additional tests, such as biopsies, may be performed if anything suspicious is found during your skin cancer screening. 

If any potential cancer is found, we at Cochise Oncology recommend scheduling regular monitoring and a possible treatment plan. 

How Often Should I Get a Skin Cancer Screening? 

How often you get a skin cancer screening can depend on your doctor. Generally, we recommend getting a skin cancer screening annually, especially if you have a higher risk of skin cancer. People who are often at a higher risk of getting skin cancer include: 

  • Those with lighter skin, hair, or eyes
  • Having a family history of melanoma
  • Past users of tanning beds
  • Having had unusual moles in the past
  • A past organ transplant 
  • Being past the age of 35 


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What Are The Benefits of Getting Regular Skin Cancer Screenings? 

Annual skin cancer screenings can help provide peace of mind. If you have been anxious or worried about a new blemish on your skin, one of our Cochise Oncology doctors can let you know if it is a cause for concern. 

Another benefit is that your doctor can track any changes in the skin with regular skin cancer screenings. A consistent skin screening schedule is essential if you already have melanoma or another type of skin cancer. Your doctor can also determine if benign spots will become cancerous. These screenings can be an early warning for future issues.


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