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How Long is Recovery After Radiation Therapy?

When discussing cancer treatments, radiation therapy can sound alarming. Rest assured that today’s adaptive radiation therapy uses advanced technology that targets cancer more precisely than ever before. Radiation therapy works alone or combined with other treatments to fight many types of cancer.

Radiation Therapy Sierra Vista & Tucson

What is Radiation Therapy?

Radiation therapy uses radiation energy. Cochise Oncology pin points radiation treatment to sub-millimeter precision using adaptive radiation therapy (ART). This state-of-the-art system combines treatment with 3D imaging that tracks and monitors the tumor in real time, ensuring the tumor absorbs all the damaging radiation. Surrounding tissues are protected from the radiation’s harmful effects, minimizing side effects. 

How Long is Recovery After Radiation Therapy?

Most people feel fine when they leave their radiation therapy session. You can often return to your usual activities, although you may feel tired and not want to do anything too strenuous. Discuss any Side effects with your physician as they differ based on the treatment site.

The side effects you experience will vary depending on the treated area. Side effects are usually easy to manage with supportive care during your treatment. ART has far fewer side effects than older radiation treatments that could have effects like burns to the skin. Modern radiation therapy protects healthy tissues to keep side effects minimal.


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How Does Radiation Treat Cancer?

During a typical radiation treatment, you will lie on a table while a scanner produces 3D images of the tumor’s exact size and position. The computer then precisely targets the beams of radiation so they are absorbed by the tumor. The beams can target the tumor from many angles, and the system may rotate around you to deliver the energy from all directions. 

Radiation is harmful to cells because it breaks DNA, preventing cells from dividing. When cancer cells absorb radiation energy, it damages their DNA, so they cannot make new cancer cells and will start to die. Because ART is so precise, surrounding cells continue their activities without disruption while the tumor shrinks.

What are the Advantages of Radiation Therapy?

Radiation therapy, especially ART, is a powerful tool in the treatment of many types of cancer. While chemotherapy and immunotherapy travel through the body and can affect cells far from the targeted cancer, radiation therapy pinpoints the harmful cells and eliminates them. For this reason, radiation therapy can be combined with other types of cancer treatment to maximize your results.


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