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How Long Does Immunotherapy Stay in Your System?

Your immune system is designed to protect your body from invaders and infections. Unfortunately, cancer cells grow quicker than the antibodies that target them and have ways to avoid detection by your immune system. Immunotherapy is an exciting new field of cancer treatments that enhance your immune system and equip it to fight back against cancer. 

What is Immunotherapy?

Cancer immunotherapy is a type of treatment that harnesses the power of the immune system to fight cancer. It works by boosting the body’s natural defenses to recognize and destroy cancer cells. As immuno-oncology unfolds, Cochise Oncology is devoted to offering patients the best treatments with immunotherapy, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy.

The immune system is able to distinguish between normal, healthy cells and abnormal or cancerous cells, and it can target and eliminate these harmful cells. However, cancer cells often grow too quickly for the immune system to keep up with. Immunotherapy strengthens your immune system so it can fight cancer more effectively and has a response rate of 20-50%.  

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How Does Immunotherapy Work?

There are several types of cancer immunotherapy, all of which aim to boost your immune system. One of the most promising types of cancer immunotherapy is immune checkpoint inhibitors. These drugs block the proteins in cancer cells that prevent the immune system from attacking them. This allows the immune system to recognize and destroy cancer cells more effectively. 

Another type of immunotherapy, CAR-T cell therapy, involves modifying a patient’s own T cells to target and kill cancer cells. This approach has shown remarkable success in treating certain types of blood cancers. Cancer vaccines are another type of immunotherapy that trains the immune system to recognize and destroy cancer cells.

How Long Does Immunotherapy Take?

Though each appointment will likely be quick, patients typically need several cycles of immunotherapy that each last two to three weeks. You may receive immunotherapy orally, topically, or through an IV. The administration technique, type of immunotherapy, and duration of treatment will all depend on your unique needs. The Cochise Oncology team will create a customized treatment plan for you based on your type and stage of cancer. 

The effects of immunotherapy can last a lifetime, depending on the type. One of the benefits of immunotherapy is that it may make your cancer less likely to return since your immune system is better equipped to fight it. 


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What Types of Cancer Can Immunotherapy Treat?

Immunotherapy can treat several types of cancer, including melanoma, lung cancer, bladder cancer, and leukemia, among others. Immuno-oncology is a new and advancing field that’s already shown great success and continues to grow. As research advances, immunotherapy may benefit more types of cancer and become even more effective.


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