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How Is TomoTherapy® Done?

If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, radiation therapy may be part of your treatment plan. Advanced TomoTherapy® technology lets us target tumors with more accuracy. As a result, you achieve better results with fewer side effects.

What is TomoTherapy®? 

TomoTherapy® is a type of radiation therapy that precisely treats tumors using 3D imaging and CT scanning to ensure more energy impacts the tumor and not surrounding tissues. Your Cochise Oncology team offers TomoTherapy® to give you the best possible results. Radiation therapy forms an important part of many treatment plans, and TomoTherapy® can be used on tumors that cannot be treated well with standard radiation therapy. 

How is TomoTherapy® Done?

TomoTherapy® begins with 3D scans to give your team a precise image of the tumor. They will use this information to calculate the exact area to target with radiation. You will lay still while your body moves through a round scanner. This scan is used to aim the radiation. The treatment is delivered from all angles as you pass through the scanner a second time. By using TomoTherapy®, your team maximizes the radiation that enters the tumor and minimizes the amount that affects your healthy tissues. 

What are the Advantages of TomoTherapy®?

TomoTherapy® makes radiation therapy safer and more effective by helping the treatment target only cancer cells. The TomoTherapy® system rotates around the patient to deliver radiation from all angles. CT scanning allows the system to track your tumor in real time during treatment. 

TomoTherapy® is a type of intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT). This advanced form of radiation therapy uses hundreds of tiny beams instead of a few large ones. It controls the intensity and shape of each beam throughout the treatment so that the energy stays focused on the tumor. The control is so exact that it can target specific sections of the tumor at different levels of energy. It limits the amount of energy that affects surrounding tissues, decreasing the frequency and severity of side effects. 


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Am I a Good Candidate for TomoTherapy®?

Your Cochise oncology team will determine whether TomoTherapy® should be part of your treatment plan. Some cancers respond better to radiation therapy than others, including many brain, prostate, and lung tumors. TomoTherapy® is often combined with other treatments, such as chemotherapy or immunotherapy

Is There Any Downtime After TomoTherapy®?

You will not feel anything during or immediately after treatment. Side effects of TomoTherapy® include fatigue and skin irritation, and you may lose your hair in the treated area. Your doctor will let you know what to expect based on your treatment plan. 


*Individual Results May Vary


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