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How Effective is Immunotherapy for Cancer?

Immunotherapy is an effective treatment for cancer and being deployed to target an increasingly broad range of tumors. Research and clinical experience show that it is an effective treatment for patients with disease resistant to traditional radiation and chemotherapy treatment.

Immunotherapy Florida

What is Immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy is a type of treatment that attempts to get the body’s immune system to fight cancer using its immune system. Drugs stimulate your white blood cells and tissues in your bone marrow, organs, and lymph to work harder to identify, fight, and kill cancer cells. Interestingly, immunotherapy can also treat other diseases besides cancer through similar mechanisms. 

Immunotherapy for Cancer

Today, there are various cancer immunotherapy drugs available on the market, with many more in clinical trials. Cochise Oncology consults with you on the right combination of medications for your situation to facilitate optimal outcomes. 

Researchers are interested in immunotherapy because it appears to offer many benefits that traditional therapies do not. Unlike radiation, it doesn’t involve exposing the body to ionizing energy. And contrary to chemotherapy, it does not rely on drugs that are toxic to non-cancerous cells. 

With cancer immunotherapy, you are also more likely that you will go into long-term remission. The body’s immune system often remembers defeated cancer cells and knows how to destroy them if they ever happen to appear again. 


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When Should I Consider Immunotherapy?

At Cochise Oncology, we consult with you on when you should consider immunotherapy. Depending on the type of cancer you have, you can use it as a standalone treatment or in conjunction with standard chemo and radiation therapies. The range of cancers that immunotherapy treats is considerable and includes cancers of the head, neck, skin, prostate, kidney, bladder, breast, and cervix

Benefits of Immunotherapy

Here are some of the benefits of immunotherapy: 

  • Cancers are less likely to return: Because immunotherapy utilizes the immune system, cancers are much less likely to return in the future—the treatment programs the immune system to recognize new cancerous cells and eliminate them. 
  • Causes fewer side effects: Radiation and chemotherapy both have side effects, damaging healthy tissue at the same time as killing cancer cells, leading to things like weakness and hair loss. Immunotherapy, however, is much more targeted because it encourages the immune system to selectively target problem cells and eliminate them, with relatively little damage to other tissues in the body. 
  • Assists other treatments: Radiation and chemotherapy are both effective in eliminating cancer cells in their own right. But they can become even more potent when combined with immunotherapy.
  • Works when other treatments don’t: Sometimes, stubborn tumors do not respond to traditional therapies and continue to spread. In some cases, immunotherapy can stop this and help patients go into remission where radiation and immunotherapy can fail. 
  • Works on many types of cancer: The list of the kinds of cancers that respond to immunotherapy is growing all the time. 


*Individual Results May Vary


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