About our Staff

Our incredible technology is only half of what makes us superior. Afterall, a race car without a quality driver is just… a car. Our Southern Arizona cancer care providers and staff all care about what it is they do. From the minute you walk in our doors to the minute that you leave, you will know and understand that you are dealing quality individuals who truly care about their patients and families.

Our goal is to spend quality time with every patient. Whether you are visiting for a followup or a treatment, everyone here focuses on every patient’s individual needs to make sure that your experience here is as comfortable as it can be. Our concern is for patient safety, comfort and all treatment possibilities.

Whenever you are dealing with a staff member of Cochise Oncology, feel free to ask questions, voice concerns, and always feel free to just talk. Every one of our employees is here for the patients and families at all times. They’re happy to help, answer questions and just chat.


Our physicians

Dr. Janet M. Nettleton, M.D.
Founder, Cochise Oncology
Dr. Mark McCarthy, M.D.,
Medical Oncology / Hematology
Dr. James C. Marsh,
Radiation Oncology
Barbara Culton,
Nurse Practioner